How it Works

Here's How the Sweetness Kicks In!

To take you from 'no website' or 'website you're hella ashamed of' we work with my proven process to get you the kickass conversion-focused, course-ready, affiliate scheme locked & loaded website you deserve!

Course-ready Websites

There are websites... then there are luxury websites designed to turn visitors into buyers and then enrol them directly onto your course.

With a Kickstart Candy website, you get all the 'regular website design stuff' and... all the luxury extras such as:

Landing Pages

With powerful landing pages built in as standard + with additional confirmation + next steps pages, you keep everything on your website - not sending new leads elsewhere!

Funnel Ready

Your website will be fully-integrated with a newsletter provider using powerful opt-in forms (choose from over 200!) so you can start collecting leads right away!


With your landing page + funnel in place, you'll be ready to sell from Day 1 with full ecommerce integrations and payment gateways. 


Use scarcity campaigns to highlight when the doors open to your new course... or to welcome a new user with a time-limited offer.


Nobody, but nobody ever wanted to 'subscribe' to a newsletter - but a quiz is a fun way for you to acquire targeted leads.


Your website will be fully-integrated with a newsletter provider using powerful opt-in forms so you can start collecting leads right away!


Woah! Yes, you read that right! Our sites contain integrated course software so you can host your courses on your OWN site and enroll your students directly.


With an advanced 'gamified' commenting system, you can reward your loyal visitors + course participants with 'kudos', badges + celebrations.


Blogging is STILL the best way to bring organic traffic to your site - so I'll set up a Blog for you... and we'll even show you how to use it!


Hosted on lightning fast cloud servers with top-notch 24/7 uptime + security monitoring, CDN & SSL certificates as standard.

SEO Ready

Using my 10+ years digital marketing experience + SEO know-how, I SEO optimise your site to make Google sit up and take notice.

Concierge Service

I know getting to grips with your website can be daunting - so for 30 days minimum we'll look after your site and be here to answer all your questions and make sure you're doing OK.

Website Genius

The first step before your BIG DAY is a kickoff meeting where you can tell me everything about your business and your big growth plans, the type of thing you want to see - or even the website you secretly lust after and wish yours looked like (!) - and what you want to get out of your new site.

We'll collect your brand assets and digital details so we can get things started behind the scenes so that when your big day comes around, we're perfectly prepared and ready to roll!


Your Digital Ecosystem!

We make things as simple as possible. That means you don't get bothered with all that nitty-gritty stuff behind the scenes, but we are gonna want your input when it counts.


First up is your Home Page - the most important page on your site, the one your visitors see first and the one which has fewer than 3 seconds to make a positive impression. It dictates the entire flavour of your site - so it's important we get this right and we'll work together to make sure you're 100% satisfied.


Next up we'll craft the rest of your essential pages (About, Services, Blog, Contact) using the copy you provide and then send it over to you for your review.


While you're checking those over, we're going to put together your Landing Page, Confirmation + Next Steps.


You send us your review and change requests - we'll make the revisions and we'll jump on another call to go through your entire site and Lead Funnel together.


We'll set your website LIVE and crack open the champagne - even though it's only 5pm! 🥂

Concierge Service

Big tech can be big confusing and big scary.

That's why we stay with you, taking care of your site 24/7 and looking after all your digital worries so that you can get on with running and scaling your coaching business without pulling your hair out about tech.

Kickstart Candy is your digital partner, not your dodgy ex who only calls when they want something

My promise to you is that your tech questions will always be answered by me or my team and when you've got a big launch coming up? I'm right here with you.


book Your Consultation now


What are the first steps?

The first step is to head over to the contact page and book virtual chat with me so we can discuss where you are right now with your website/course and what you're looking for further - and what can you expect from working with my agency.

What do you need from me before we start?

1. You need your own domain name, business email software (e.g., Google Workspace) and you'll also need access to an email autoresponder (newsletter software). 

2. You need to have a good idea of what your goals and ambitions are for your online coaching business - that way, my team can help you best achieve them. 

2. I need you to be committed and ready to move because we work fast. Stuff works because we get shit done - this is not for you if you want to dilly-dally playing email tennis for months on end. You must be prepared to make decisions.

What if I don't have any branding or copy?

If you don't have your branding or copy ready or don't want to write it yourself, I can introduce you to trusted branding & copywriting agencies who will harness your brand essence.

We will source licensed images for you so you can be sure you're not stepping on any legal toes with copyright issues. Licensed images are FOC and part of the service.

It would however be great if you've got a wonderful (or 2!) photos/headshots of you because personal branding is so important in service-based industries like ours.

how do you work so fast?

We're bloody geniuses with keyboards - that's why! 

We get a lot of stuff done behind the scenes you'll never need to worry about - and won't ever need to know about because it simply works. 

But... if "tech shit goes wrong" we don't finish until your problem is fixed. That's a promise.

What happens after?

I understand nerves are frayed and you might be wondering about the enormity of the project you've taken on. 

We give you a (minimum) 30 day Concierge Service to care for both you and your website after going live which means we make sure everything's OK and that you've got 24/7 security updates, monitoring, & back-ups.

We're also available to you for support and training in using your new site and make additional updates to your site by me or my team on an ongoing basis.

Can I add more pages?

Hell yes! There are literally ZERO limits to what you can do. And, if you grab our "Fully Loaded" package then we'll do all that for you. Unlimited. 

I'm going to set up the basics to make your site functions with a working funnel ready to take payments and enrol your students... but as for the rest? 

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!