The Kickstart Candy Case Study

Our client James still doesn't know anything about tech ๐Ÿ˜ - but that doesn't matter, because we handled "all that stuff" for him so that he can get on with running his coaching + course + membership website and we handle the tech - here's how.

Because your business needs a dedicated tech team

James is absolutely brilliant at his business, but tech-wise? He can use his phone and handle an ATM... chill James - we love you! ๐Ÿฅƒ

So that's where we come in. James does his thing. Brilliantly.

And we do our thing. Brilliantly.


We worked closely with James to develop a web, course & membership site structured to improve user engagement, customer conversions and online visibility, reduce churn and position James' new company as an equal amongst more established institutions.

Client Leverage

Utilising our locked + loaded affiliate/referral scheme integration, his current students are able to help him with his marketing by spreading the word and bringing in new leads every week!


You do your business.

We'll do your tech.

On speed-dial.

Download the Case Study and Learn how Kickstart Candy can Handle Your Tech!