Our Story


Hey boo!

I'm Alex and I'm the Big Cheese (Le Grand Fromage!) over here at Kickstart Candy. 

I developed this business because having worked with 100s of entrepreneurs and coaches over the last decade, it became clear to me that what stood between those absolutely nailing it - and those floundering - was a tech system built and run by experts.

We're more than just website designers. 

We're techie. We know the coaching industry and we're rooting for your success every step of the way.

... and we also don't believe in unanswered emails, requests or having you wait for your changes!

We work with 6-7+ figure coaching businesses who want to offload their tech into experienced & devoted hands.

We're here to ignite your online coaching business with flawlessly integrated digital systems designed serious growth.

Our Approach

We're here to guide you on this wonderful growth journey to a killer coaching website you want to tell everyone about and have your students rave about. 

We believe digital mastery is the ignition for unlimited online success and we're here to save you from half-assed tech solutions which repel, not attract quality clients + students.


  • Bespoke
  • Dedicated
  • Future-proof
  • Concierge

The Woman Behind the Candy

Being the CEO, I'm not just a "talking head". 

I'm a techie geek with a degree in Software Engineering, years and years and years of technical PM experience and nearly 10 years in digital marketing, web-design & copywriting having helped 100s of entrepreneurs just like you.

I'm a massive feminist and get a real kick out of helping women create a powerful online presence to elevate their personal brand and story.

Fact #1

I live on a tiny, remote little Scottish island but spent 15 years living in mainland Europe doing big city stuff - like dancing on bars & Eurotrash specials. 

Fact #2

I love tinkering with tech and exploring new software and apps. My favourite place to buy stuff for my business is AppSumo - and I was delighted when they accepted my 5 Day Challenge Formula on to their marketplace. 

Fact #3

I'm addicted to buying fabric - which sometimes I transform into wonderful, fun things to wear. I'm not going to say they're perfect, but it's extremely satisfying and a great way to relax. 

Fact #4

Zombies. Love 'em. Have seen nearly every zombie flick ever made and am a total sucker for zombie literature. 

*This has nothing to do with me moving to a small island. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I believe every woman has the right to run a powerful online coaching business with a beautiful website designed to scale. If you've got big ambitions, then we need to talk! 

Alex Sheach โ— Digital Marketing Genius